Hi, my name is Senshe. 

I’m a super playful dog that loves to be around my human! Sometimes i even take him for walks! I’m great at sit, stay, come, and fetch. My favorite toy is a Kong squeaky tennis ball! I really like it when during the night my human lets me jump up on his bed and sleep with him! I’m pregnant!!!

Shikoku Puppies born 9/27/19 For Sale

Senshe gave birth on September 27th 2019 to a beautiful litter of 8 Shikoku Puppies!
We have 5 boys and 3 girls. More pictures will be coming soon!

Hello. My name is Nikko. 

i’m a playfullerdog that can run around at full speed for hours and not get tired! i met this girl named Senshe and we really clicked! she had me at hello! She got me this great valentine! how could i say no! it even had a squeaker!  Oh, and guess what, I’m going to be a daddy!!!