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As breeders of Shikoku and protectors of the breed we always want to be certain that a Shikoku is good breed for the purchaser and their lifestyle.As you consider ownership there are some things that you will want to consider before making your commitment.

Shikoku are rare.While they originated in their homeland in Japan, they have slowly spread throghout the world.That said, it is very rare that you will ever encounter one as you go out for a stroll in a city or town.Due to their scarcity and the few breeders in North America, there are very few dogs available.It is common for breeders to maintain a waiting list for puppies and it is common to pay $2000 or more for a companion puppy.

Due to their scarcity and being a protected breed all breeders are selective when it comes to the puppies new owner.We are no different, we will ask that you provide some detailed information about you, your home, and how you envision the Shikoku in your life.

Life with a Shikoku is unlike any other dog you’ve owned.They are highly intelligent, greatly devoted, agile, and have great endurance.The Shikoku isn’t going to be content with a 3 minute walk.They want to be outside where they can run and enjoy all that the outdoors has waiting for them.They require a good amount of daily exercise, and they are always excited to go outside and play.You will also want to consider that the Shikoku will do much better with a premium diet, routine vet visits, and a bunch of your time and love.

One thing that I love about the Shikoku is as that the older they get the more time they want to spend with you.As a puppy they aren’t likely to cuddle on the coach to watch the Hallmark channel.They want to be present but often on their own terms.As they get older they seem to just want to hang out.

Another breeder sums it up best by saying “In deciding to own (or be owned by) a Shikoku, you must be committed to providing the dog with exercise, training and socialization. This breed is NOT for everyone.The dog is best for someone who is committed to being an ACTIVE dog owner.The Shikoku is primitive dog by nature and can exhibit tendencies that need the guidance of a strong leader.They are often protective of their territory and can be aggressive toward other animals.Shikoku dogs will do well in homes with other pets when properly socialized and raised together.”

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